Dirty Talking Tips for Girls

Dirty talking is one of the sure fire ways to drive your partner absolutely insane with lust for you. There is after all nothing more satisfying than seeing your partner dizzy and boneless with pleasure and knowing that you're the one that brought them to the brink. If you've never tried dirty talking before then this article should be able to give you a few cues on what to do. If you do regularly engage in such sensual play, then this will help you get new ideas on how to please your partner.

Dirty talking can be used to seduce, entice or bring the fire back to a monotonous relationship. Some of the tips that can ensure you partner will be burning for you are:

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1. Taking it slow - For shy or inexperienced first timers, work up to it by using soft sensual whispers before you break out the heavy guns. All men love dirty talking, if you find your mind going blank during the crucial moment just lean in to his ear and whisper what you'd like him to do, or what you want to do to him.

Dirty Talking Tips for Girls
2. Let it come naturally - This simply means you should use phrases and words that you are comfortable saying. If you're not used to at least thinking those words then they will come out stunted and unsure and that's not sexy. I'm sure we've all heard 50% of sexiness come from confidence, well the same principle applies with dirty talking.

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3. Role-play - This can make the entire process a lot easier on both parties with the added bonus of serving as inspiration for material. Dirty talking isn't simply about telling your partner to "go harder, faster, right there!" its all that as well as creating a mental link that engages their imagination in the proceedings.

4. Be creative - As mentioned above, content is key. Though your man may like hearing you tell him how hot he is naked or how hard he is and how good it feels inside you, the novelty of the phrases will soon wear out. The key to knowing what your partner likes when it come to dirty talking is studying them.

Dirty Talking Tips for Girls5. Play a game - This is part of the dirty talking process where you both participate. It can involve saying a word or describing a favorite body part and then initiating some sensual play centered on the word or body part.

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